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MapSoft flight service

MapSoft has based its flight service on the aircrafts of the Serbian aircraft manufacturer AeroEast Europe (www.aeroeast.net). Aero East Europe has manufactured aircraft specifically designed for aerial imaging (SILA 750).

SILA 750 is robust high-performance airplane capable to operate in the most severe and hard situations, no matter of extra size pilots, heavy baggage, wind, rain and non-prepared fields.

Main features

SILA 750 is a high-wing single engine two seated aircraft, with a semi-monocoque fuselage structure, made of approved aeronautical aluminum.

Certification basis for SILA 750 is in compliance with EASA CS-VLA.

  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750
  • SILA 750

Main features of the aircraft

Extremely good flying performances

SILA 750 is, above all, a plane indeed for cruising in line with the designer idea of creating a comfortable long-range flier maintaining a speed of 125 KTS (230 Km/h with 75% of power) with a flight trim very stable even in presence of turbulence;

Flight autonomy up to 10 hours

Additional tanks were installed in the aircraft's wings so that its flying autonomy is up to 10h.

Aircraft adopted to mount different sensors

The aircraft is not designed to accommodate just one type of sensor but can be easily installed different types of sensors. The adaptation is performed by the aircraft manufacturer in accordance with the aircraft certificates and designs and is fully in accordance with international law.

Very stable with low flying speed

The flight is stable and precise even in minimal speed (~70KTS).

Curvilinear route

Given its good flight characteristics, the airplane can perform flight with minimal turns or to follow a curvilinear route without much wing tilting.

Navigation system

The aircraft is eqipped with modern navigation system

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