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3D mesh

A 3D mesh is the structural build of a 3D model consisting of polygons. The polygons used are typically quadrangles or triangles; these geometric shapes can be further broken down into vertices in X, Y, Z coordinates and lines. Given its 3D nature, the 3D mesh preserves details on building facades and features under bridges, trees or suspended structures. Straight edges, geometric accuracy and photo-consistent texture determine the realistic aspect of the surface model, when viewed from every angle.

The Mesh provides exceptional performance while loading or web streaming even large datasets. This is due to its optimized structure and organization into small files.

MapSoft uses data from combined aerial and LiDAR imaging to create a 3D mesh. Aerial images give texture and high resolution while LiDAR helps to model “hidden” details well.


  • Precise surfaces featuring sharp edges and fine details at low noise levels
  • Multiple levels of details for efficient visualization
  • With or without texture (generated from aerial images)
  • Output formats: OSGB, Cesium, OBJ or Collada (*.dae), ...


  • Urbanism and spatial planning
  • Tourism
  • Police and army
  • Insurance
  • Real estates
  • Environmental protection
  • Telecommunication network design and maintenance
  • Risk analysis

MapSoft 3D mesh samples

Kragujevac - 2019

Felix Romuliana - Native town of Roman emperor Galerius - 2007

Belgrade Fortress - 2007.

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