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Thermal mapping

Infrared (IR) thermometry is one of the non-invasive temperature measurement techniques allowing surface temperatures both at a point and over an area to be obtained.

MapSoft uses the absolute temperature data embedded into the images from high-quality thermal cameras to provide consistent thermal coloring across the map area. Temperature distribution within the imaged zone is therefore represented at the final product, allocating hot and cold spots.


  • Can be delivered as raw images, orthophoto or true orthophoto
  • Standard raster file formats (GeoTIF, TIF+TFW, ECW, JPEG2000…)
  • Superimposition with RGB images/orthophoto
  • Generation of thematic maps from row thermal images/orthophoto...


  • Energy efficiency of buildings
  • Insurance
  • Utilities (power supply, oil, gas, hot water
  • Pipelines leaks
  • Hotspots detection
  • Solar customers (detecting string outages, faulty modules, and even sub-module defects over hundreds of MW)
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