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Open source solutions

Licensed vs open source software

When choosing right software, users are often faced with the choice: to adopt a traditional model of licensed software or open-source solution? There is no correct answer to the question which solution is better. There are advantages and disadvantages to licensed and open-source software, so the solution that a client should opt for depends largely on the organization and goals set.

More information about open source software
Recognizing the needs of the market and the increasing impact of the open-source community, in addition to licensed software-based solutions, MapSoft has been offering an increasingly popular open-source technology solution. The use of this technology enables the management of geospatial data based on open source platforms and tools that bring a technologically advanced and interoperable technical solution where the initial storage and conversion of existing data (position of phenomena / objects and their attribute data, digital orthophoto, digital cadastral maps ...) using the latest official version of the open-source solution.

One of the benefits of licensed software is support, customer support, especially for those without much technical skill. MapSoft has a comparative advantage in supporting open-source solutions, as we enable clients to combine the benefits of open-source solutions (lower initial costs of acquiring desktop software and GIS servers, continuous development due to a large number of developers, openness to other systems, not just one) and licensed solutions (in-service training and ongoing support).

MapSoft's implementation and solution support include:

* installation, integration and setup of necessary software components (extensions, plugins, project files required);
* adjusting the mapping of the GIS spatial content;
* optimization of the software part of the system at the level of database server, GIS server and Web client in order to get the best performance on the system in accordance with the amount of data, number of users, server load, performance of hardware and telecommunication infrastructure;
* development of specific tools for automation of the collection and storage of spatial data obtained by recording with professional surveying equipment;
system functionality testing;
* delivery of operating instructions;
* support during the data verification process.
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