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Solutions design for better understanding on conditions and analysis of sources of pollution, as well as their impact.

Solutions for the future

The number of our „green solutions“ is used to help protect the environment. The environmental professional uses GIS to produce maps, inventory species, measure environmental impact, or trace pollutants. The environmental applications for GIS are almost endless. It can be used to monitor the environment and analyze changes...

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MapSoft’s solutions can be used for Environmental Impact Analysis, which is an important policy initiative to conserve natural resources and environment. Many human activities produce potential adverse environmental effects which include the construction and operation of highways, rail roads, pipelines, airports, radioactive waste disposal and more. Environmental impact statements are usually required to contain specific information on the magnitude and characteristics of environmental impact. 

By applying known part of science and our solution to solve unknown part, the quality of life can be enhanced and a better future achieved. Creating and applying GIS tools and knowledge allow us integrating geographic intelligence into how we think and behave. Complex spatial temporal relationship between environmental pollution and disease can be better understand, identifying exposures to environmental hazards as well. MapSoft’s IT solutions can significantly add value to environmental and public health data.


  • Register of local pollutants 
  • Environment factors quality
  • Air quality GIS for the city of Belgrade
  • Geoinformation system of Belgrade biotopes
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