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Public utilities

Moving the working processes of public companies into digital direction for better planning and decision making...

Better planning, smarter decisions

Utility management is one of basic need of the modern infrastructure management, that is why components of utility should be functional without any breakdown. Since  it is very difficult to manage it manually, modern software solutions based on reliable data provide spatial dimensions to its management.

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Reliable geospatial and location information of underground utility lines is helpful for avoiding excavation damages. GIS base utility mapping system is also important in repair and replacement of utility lines because of correct locational data. In future, all utility plans will be GIS based.

Through our solutions, it is possible to see actual distribution of utility lines superimposed to roads, buildings, and land ownership boundaries.
GIS solutions created and implemented by MapSoft are ideal in terms of various aspects, representing infrastructure of utilities, problem identification with providing solution, in maintenance, technical problems, designing efficient meter reading. 



  • Fleet management solution in EPS
  • Improvement of public city lightening system in Belgrade
  • Implementation of web GIS platform in JKP Vodovod i kanalizacija Subotica
  • Implementation of GIS in JP Rzav Arilje
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