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Services provided

MapSoft provides full-cycle development services, as well as post-deployment maintenance and support. 
We'll help you create modern, highly functional & highly reliable software solutions for your business

Smart city applications development

MapSoft combines innovative technologies and solutions that aim to improve the quality of life of people in cities, urban services, increase transparency and reduce costs, a clean and sustainable environment.

With the application of MapSoft Smart city solutions, city services can offer better service at a lower cost, through more efficient work, elimination of redundant jobs, cost reduction and directing employee responsibility.

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Web application development

We'll help you implement a customized web solution that is completely in line with your business goals and processes. MapSoft can turn your ideas into reality, by using a modern web development approach in conjunction with technologies that are proven and practical, enabling you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the web. We know how important it is for today's websites to be mobile-optimized: we'll use fluid grids, responsive design and CSS media queries to make your website appealing to both desktop and mobile users. If you want to bring some of your infrastructure to the  cloud and reinvigorate your business with flexible SaaS solutions, you can rely on our expertise and web development know-how. 

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Mobile application development

Embrace the mobile world with our help. We have experience with all common format devices on the market today, and have developed mobile apps of varying complexity. We can help you build corporate, B2B private-use mobile solutions, as well as public, B2C apps targeted at your current and future customers. With mobile development it is important to get working results as soon as possible; our iterative, agile approach emphasizes incremental development and rapid prototyping, with business-critical features being developed first. The process is transparent, and we are very interested in your feedback; this approach ensures quality through early bug discovery, continuous improvement, and leads to a project that is as risk-free as possible, with a high ROI value. 

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Competitive advantages

  • Experienced project managers
  • Core team of experts in software development & geoinformatics
  • Graphics design and CMS service team
  • R&D lab (geomatics students mentoring program)
  • Various expert contractors (database, SysOps, Android, Python)
  • Selection of appropriate tool for the task
  • Support
  • Consulting services
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