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Green cadaster

A greener environment, better environment...

Our solutions for green cadaster are today inevitable part of business system of all relevant institutions dealing with public green areas, using this solution in everyday business processes...

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The aim of green cadaster is to establish functional geoinformation system for management of public green areas through the initial acquisition of spatial data for green areas and/or protected natural resources maintained by public companies dealing with greenery, supply of software platform, application software development, system implementation and user training.

Green cadaster enables:

  • recording of green areas and maintenance units,
  • changes tracking over maintenance units,
  • planning and tracking of annual plan realization,
  • realization control,
  • creation of proposal of annual works for green areas maintenance,
  • work of supervision and inspection,
  • recording and tracking of protected natural resources and
  • other general functionalities (administration, …)


  • Development of geoinformation system of Novi Sad green areas 
  • Development and implementation of cadaster of green areas in the city of Niš
  • Spatial data acquisition and implementation into GIS of Belgrade green areas
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