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MapSoft Geoportal

Use Internet to access information over the web, increase the number of users, achieve global reach and reduce the costs

GIS over web

MapSoft Geoportal is a web-based GIS software solution that allows authorized access to all spatial and non-spatial data stored in a central database (geodatabase). Using the geoportal enables easy access to data for all interested users, both within companies and those using public access, including professional users from municipal administrations and public enterprises, as well as citizens and other external users. Implemented user authorization prevents unauthorized access to the data.

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In addition to reviewing the formed digital spatial database ie. search and visualization of spatial and attribute data in accordance with access privileges, MapSoft Geoportal also offers users a range of information from different domains related to objects of importance and spatial analysis. The developed geoportal has the ability to integrate information from multiple data sources, with the ability to easily add new sources of information, manage documentation related to spatial objects and connect to the business information system of users (ERP).

By its functionality, MapSoft geoportal can be divided into:
  • section for visualizing spatial data with the ability to overlap vector and raster layers, measuring surface and distance, spatial and attribute queries, entering and updating geometry and attributes, and
  • section for metadata management, business activity, reporting and administration part of the system user rights.
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