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About MapSoft and Mobile Solutions

Geomatics company MapSoft d.o.o. was founded in March 2002 by four professors and associates from the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics). Today, the name MapSoft is synonymous with the successful implementation of projects in the field of software development and spatial data collection using a combined technique of aerial photography and LiDAR scanning. Implemented quality control system, application of the latest technologies, knowledge and good practice, project leaders with experience in managing significant domestic and international projects, as well as an academic approach in solving real problems are the basis for creating and implementing solutions for users.

Decades of experience in software development in the field of geoinformatics and location based services led to the idea of ​​founding Mobile Solutions (2008), a company with the same ownership structure, a channel that offers customers services in the field of fleet management and integration with business systems users. Thanks to experts in the field of geoinformatics and location based services, the development team of MapSoft, as well as the technical support of Mobile Solutions, specific and complex user requirements are resolved efficiently and on time. Today, Mobile Solutions services are used by over 350 companies in the region, and some of them are the most important regional and European companies.

Although formally two companies, employees of MapSoft and Mobile Solutions form one team, a team that jointly participates in the preparation and implementation of projects. The most valuable part is the team of experts who provide professional service in during design, development, implementation and delivery of the final solution. The companies are equipped with modern hardware and software solutions necessary for the execution of projects from the beginning to the final product.

Together with associates, MapSoft and Mobile Solutions have over 40 employees, mainly in the fields of geodesy / geoinformatics and electrical engineering.

Integrated management system

We apply several ISO standards which include quality, information security and environment ad safety matters.

Experienced project leaders

Project leaders capable of managing large-scale domestic and international projects

Reference list

Proud to keep all our existing clients and bringing new one. Our references are our best recommendation

Use of the latest technology

Newest applied technology follows our skill improvements and permanent education of employees

Academic approach

Approach providing us the opportunity to create a solution that best fulfills requirements of our customers

Friendly environment

Before all, we are group of people keeping friendship. Good relation between us is the key for success

Our clients

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