MapSoft is the first private company in Serbia with rounded photogrammetric service.

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Since its establishment in 2002 the company is actively engaged in developing photogrammetric market in Serbia and the region. This commitment was reflected in both the promotion of photogrammetric methods, as well as the collection of spatial data intended primarily to local governments, as well as other segments of the spatial information (design, research works, urban planning, ...). 

MapSoft is the first private company in Serbia with fully completed photogrammetric cycle: flight services, own camera, spatial data processing and the final product (digital terrain models, orthophotos, topographic maps). With over 35% of Serbia covered with digital orthophoto MapSoft is a leader in the production of geospatial data in Serbia. Own software solutions for spatial data management complete offer of photogrammetric services in Serbia.


All photogrammetric products come from the same aerial imaging. Depending on the size of the territory and the required accuracy the first results can be delivered to the investor only a few weeks after imaging. Due to the applied technology, the submission of results can be done in stages. Before imaging flight plan is made and ground prepared ie. set up a number of visible points whose coordinates are determined in the desired coordinate system. After imaging, radiometric processing and measurements on  images result is a georeferenced images that are the basis for measuring elements of a digital terrain model and topographic plan. These elements (characteristic points, break lines, all elements of the topographic map) are collected in PhotoSoft environment and then processed and prepared for export to the environment of software system MapSoft.

In addition to aerial photogrammetry, MapSoft provides services and a greater number of projects in the field of terrestrial photogrammetry. As the final product of this method commonly is prepared vector 3D models of objects, or any of the ortho possible combinations. Object size can vary from small objects (human body parts, models, ... ) to large architectural buildings, mines, etc.

All procedures in the production process are described by photogrammetric work instructions that are part of MapSoft quality management system ISO 9001:2008.