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Imaging of watercourses in Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina

After catastrophic floods in year 2014, following the EU Directive 2007/60 / EC related to the assessment and management of flood risks, it was decided to develop flood risk maps in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the most effective ways of making these maps, performing hydrological analysis and modelling is the spatial data collection by LiDAR technology. These data represent a very effective tool to define priorities ie. technical, financial and political decisions regarding the management of flood risks.

On the tender announced by the international consortium, MapSoft was selected as the most favorable bidder. During April 2018 MapSoft was engaged in LiDAR and aerial imaging of watercourses in the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The area of interest covered cca 1000 km2 of watercourses in Federation of BiH, but LiDAR and aerial imaging covered twice as much territory.

Statistics of imaging realization:

  • imaging days: 16 out of 22 calendar days (due to the bad weather conditions)
  • 80 hours of flying, 40 hours in imaging strips
  • total distance covered 13.000 km
  • 630 lines, mainly with the changes of height and flying azimuth



Imaging results:

With completed completeness and accuracy controls, the data were ready for delivery two days after the last day of the imaging:

Georeferenced and colorized point cloud in LAS format:

  • point density: minimum 5 pts/m2
  • ~32 billion of points (1.5 TB in LAS format)
  • memory capacity for data processing: ~10 TB 

Georeferenced aerial (RGB) images:

  • number of georeferenced images: 19.424
  • image resolution: 10 cm/pix

aero snimak

oblak 1