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Powerlines detection, Montenegro

For the needs of designing new powerline, LiDAR and aerial imaging in the total length of 40 km and width of 600 m (24 km2), was carried out at the area of Virpazar - Ulcinj (Montenegro) corridor.

After several projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the realization of this project, MapSoft once again demonstrated the ability to perform aerial imaging in the region without landing on the territory of the neighboring country on smaller projects, with the previously obtained flying permissions of the competent authorities. In addition, this project demonstrated the ability of very demanding flying / imaging in the contour flying mode, ie folowing the topology of the terrain, which on this area was a major challenge taking into account the configuration of the area of interest (altitude difference of 1200 m).

profil trase CG

trajektorija CG

overview of airplane trajectory

Results of imaging and data processing:

  • digital orthophoto (resolution 5 cm/pix) and
  • classified, colorized point cloud in LAS format with more than 30 pts/m2 (total number of points: 5.1 billion).

vodovi CG 2

vodovi CG 1

overview of point cloud: colorization by height (left) and using aerial images (right and above)