MapSoft is the first private company in Serbia with rounded photogrammetric service.

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Aerial imaging

MapSoft is the first private company in Serbia with the professional digital photogrammetric camera. Camera shortened the time for campaigns planning and aerial imaging, time of project implementation is reduced, the process of developing photogrammetric products is completely technologically complete, and removed dependency on the availability of time and the companies that MapSoft in previously provided imaging services. Now the company is able to image and smaller territories of interest and to quickly react to the request of clients in Serbia and the region. 

Imaging is performed with ultra high performance light aircraft manufacturer Aero-East-Europe (http://aeroeast.net), which captures both the larger territory and micro-locations.

Aerial imaging is done with a digital camera, and it is a continuous and successive exposure of the territory of interest. The imaging is done by a pre-defined plan, typically in rows, where the exposure is done so that there is an overlap among the images of the same row (longitudinal overlap) and the adjacent rows (cross overlap).<

Realized aerial imaging over National park Kopaonik

Complete system for aerial imaging consists of:

  • camera
  • computer to store images and adjust the parameters of the camera (IT Cube). For storing images portable eSATA hard disk is used
  • software for settings, which are associated with the camera
  • software for processing raw images and convert them into TIFF format
  • camera bracket with gyrostabilization to compensate for the tilt plane
  • GPS / INS system and
  • software for planning and implementation of aero mode.

 Specifications are:

  • sensor size 53.9 x 40.4 mm (effective)
  • output resolution of 8984x6732 pixels
  • 6 micron pixel size
  • shutter speed 1/125 to 1/ 500 sec
  • aperture f / 4 to f/16
  • Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensor technology
  • electronic device for the elimination of motion (True FMC)
  • IT Cube holds up to 8000 images (480 GB)

In addition to the dominant aerial imaging, MapSoft provides services and imaging of micro-locations with the help of unmanned aircraft or balloons.

Imaging of archeological site Felix Romuliana from balloon

bespilotna 1