MapSoft is the first private company in Serbia with rounded photogrammetric service.

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3D Photo

3DPhoto is the photogrammetric product for digital 3D stereo visualization space. The product basically consist of PhotoSoft software and a specially prepared photogrammetric images with the necessary design parameters.

The product is designed for existing and future users of digital orthophotos. Following business idea that users should have the whole photogrammetric services, in addition to standard photogrammetric products (DOF, DTM, DTP), we have offered our customers this photogrammetric product.

3DPhoto product was obtained from the same aerial imaging as well as other products. The product can be delivered immediately after aerial imaging (10-30 days, depending on the project size), but within seven days for each existing project for which we have already delivered some of its photogrammetric products.

3DPhoto package makes PhotoSoft Viewer (with unlimited licenses) with prepared project data. Expansion of the basic form PhotoSoft standard version and a computer with the necessary components (NVIDIA ® 3D Vision ™ + TFT monitor).

More advanced use of the system implies possession of PhotoSoft Standard system and specialized hardware. Basic characteristics of PhotoSoft Standard stereoscopic display systems are active shutter glasses on a TFT monitor, manage vector data, etc.

PhotoSoft Standard hardware components of the system is a computer standard configurations with NVIDIA Quadro video card, NVIDIA 3D Vision system (LCD glasses + IR emitter), TFT Monitor 120 Hz .