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Location based services

Work on the development of location-based systems in Mapsoft began in August 2005, as continued research and development in the field of geoinformatics. A large amount of spatial data, which is owned MapSoft (for Serbia at that time there were no serious data sets on publicly available map services) , the development team MapSoft who has had extensive experience in the field of GIS, as well as the ideas of the founders MapSoft were the main reasons to point a part of the company's resources channeled to the development of the area.

MapSoft team is focused on the development of its solutions with the following characteristics:

  • service-oriented architecture (Service Oriented Architecture - SOA) and web services
  • independent components based on open transport protocols and XML -based standards for data exchange
  • availability through http / https
  • respect of industrial and ISO / OGC standards that ensure interoperability

Thanks to this approach enabled the development of many LBS scenarios:

Service category

Application example

Service of monitoring and positioning 

Locating and tracking goods, vehicles, cargo, people (taking care of children, elderly and the sick) and others. 

Customer service in emergency situations 

Ambulance, fire brigade, police, roadside assistance, etc.. 

Fee based on the location information 

Payment of calls, tolls, order goods and goods 

A selective marketing based on location data 

Targeted advertising 

Games based on LBS-in 

A treasure hunt, to defend the territory

Infotainment based on the location information 

Applications for finding retail locations, shops, buildings, etc..

Among dozens of LBS scenarios the most has been the development of a system for tracking and fleet management (Eng. Fleet Management). Details on the development of LBS scenarios for fleet management MobTrack 24 can be found on the website Mobile Solutions http://www.mobilesolutions.rs/index.php/o-nama/vazni-datumi