The name of our company is associated with successful solutions in the field of GIS. Solutions and services are fully adapted to the user's needs ...

GIS software

From the very beginning (June 2002), the one of the main activity is the development, support and maintenance of software in the field of geodesy and geoinformation systems.

MapSoft name was first used in 1991, as a name for the softwareprototype developed to support the technology of digital geodetic plan. Today, MapSoft is modern GIS software installed on more than 500 computers in Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Montenegro and Macedonia. The name MapSoft has become a trademark of the development team gathered around the idea of application and innovation of this software.

In order to reduce procurement costs for photogrammetric software, have unlimited number of licenses, and all the experience gained in the field of digital photogrammetry translate into its own solution, we developed 3D Photo, whose part is PhotoSoft software.

Thanks to the knowledge in the field of GIS, location  based services and a large amount of collected spatial data, the IT sector has developed Mapsoft MobTrack 24, software for fleet management. 

With the aim of strengthening the market position of software and solutions in the field of GIS, in early 2011 MapSoft became a partner of the British company CadCorp, and from 2015 partner of Pitney Bowes.