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PhotoSoft was made in three basic versions: Viewer, Standard and Professional, whose functionalities are divided to meet the three primary user groups.

VIEWER version is designed for users who have occasionally need for spatial information and their needs are satisfied by just stereoscopic perception of space.

Basic functionalities of Viewer version are:

  • 3D stereoscopic display by anagyph method
  • Change the contents of the screen by moving in space (zoom, pan)
  • Automatic load of optimal stereo models depending on the position of the 3D cursor
  • Reading 3D coordinates of the current cursor position 3D (X, Y, Z)
  • Basic measurements in space (3D coordinates of points, length, azimuth and hight differences)
  • Contour display

Viewer version has no special hardware requirements except enough space on the hard drive, graphics card with  average characteristics and anaglyph (red-cyan) glasses for stereoscopic viewing. 

Hardware for Viewer version:


STANDARD version is intended for users who have more complex requirements, with more "comfortable" space perception in stereoscopic mode, the combination of the available vector data, different types of measurement and data collection in a smaller scale.

Standard version is an extension of the basics, Viewer versions to the:

  • 3D stereoscopic display using the active glasses (shutter glasses)
  • Automatic parallax reset  (3D setting cursor to the surface terrain or objects)
  • More ways to zoom and pan 
  • Management of vector data:
    • Loading and saving vector data in ESRI SHP format
    • Create a new layer with arbitrary attributes
    • Creating and deleting
    • Display attribute data
    • Dynamic snapping
    • Selections

3D stereoscopic display using the active glasses involves the use of specialized hardware consisting of a standard computer upgraded NVIDIA 3D Vision kit (glasses + emitter), NVIDIA Quadro graphics card and TFT monitor with a frequency of 120 Hz. In addition to the display on the monitor, it can be displayed on TVs and DLP projectors having the ability to work at a frequency of 120 Hz. 

Required hardware for the Standard version:


PROFESSIONAL version is designed for professional photogrammetric stereorestitution that is for users working on a massive collection of data such as digital terrain modeling, topographic maps, cadastral surveying, 3D city models and so on.

Professional version is an extension of the Standard Edition and the:

  • Additional window with orthogonal view of vector and raster data (2D View) 
  • Support for 3D mouse 
  • Management of vector data:
    • Loading and saving data from multiple vector formats (Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Server MapSoft, MapSoft ASCII format, Intregraph file format, ...)
    • Working with unlimited amounts of vector data
    • Advanced modes for snapping
    • Advanced modes for selection
    • Advanced CAD tools
    • Specialized tools for geometry construction (curved section, the reduction of objects, ...)
  • Tools for working with data, digital terrain models
    • Collection of data (points in a regular grid and structural lines)
    • Generating DMT
    • Generation of arbitrary contour equidistance

This version requires all hardware characteristics as Standard version, but involves the usage of two TFT monitors and specialized 3D mouse. 

Required hardware for the Professional version: