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GIS platform

Modern GIS view implies that the world is made up of objects. Physical objects are those objects which have a spatial reference, or otherwise have a unique ID and are described with their geometric, thematic, radiometric and temporal attributes. Also, an important role is played by the topology of spatial objects providing information about the spatial relationships between objects.

Lately, digital photogrammetric workstations based on GIS technology appeared. Digital photogrammetric stations are a natural source of data collection in many GIS systems, increasing the amounts of data. A crucial role in the information system is data. Therefore, special attention must be paid to maintaining the quality of spatial data in the GIS system by updating and improving the quality (updating and refinement).

Several feature is opted for choice GIS platform as the basic platform for the development of digital photogrammetric workstations:

  • Ability to work with large amounts of data
  • The possibility of editing a subset of data
  • Multiuser work
  • Possibility of data validation
  • The possibility of an efficient update of existing databases
  • Storing and management of geometric, thematic and temporal attribute data

As a basis for the development GIS approach was taken, so it is natural that the management of spatial data rely on international standards in this field. OpenGIS Implementation Standard for Geographic information - Simple feature access is used for the development.

Implementation of OpenGIS Simple Features Implementation Specification for OLE / COM specifications allow the data to be stored in memory in a standard way, manages them and it is very important to perform standard spatial operations on them.