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Data sources

Implementation of OpenGIS Simple Features Access specifications and modular development allows the usage of vector data types from various sources. The diagram below shows the layers of the application that are dedicated to the management of vector data and their flow.

In general, the sources of vector data types can be divided into three categories: database, file formats and application servers. Database and application servers have the advantage of file formats as sources of data because it allows multiuser work, over a subset of the data layer (which is important for large data sets), transactional way of change implementation and so on. 

Another advantage is working with large amounts of data with MapSoft 2007 application server and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database. The PhotoSoft is capable to set aside a small amount of data after the update to the database and to records only the changed data, from large amounts of data for two data sources. In this way PhotoSoft has become a very effective tool for multiuser work on larger projects and to update and supplement the existing database for the larger territory.