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Land consolidation

Land consolidation is among the most complex surveying activities in the state survey. It contains a wide range of surveying activities, the development of geodetic control over the design of road and canal networks, analytical development projects, transmission projects on the ground, to cadastral and topographic surveying. 

Since the beginning of its implementation of land consolidation MapSoft based the strategy on partnerships with complementary businesses. This has created a consortium that is, using a synergy of quality and experience of individual companies, able to take a longer period of time such serious projects and parallel in several land.

The complexity of land consolidation is not only a large number of participants (typically several thousand), but a large number of different actors in the implementation process are indispensable role (Republic geodetic authority, the members of the Consortium, a public companies...) . Therefore MapSoft paid great attention to project management. First of all in quality control by defining internal procedures, with clearly defined responsibilities in the implementation and control.

Land consolidation is a unique geodesic task that leaves behind visible traces of material in space. After years of working contractors, Commission for consolidation and RGA as a result of getting a completely new picture of rural areas dominated the correct table, a logical network of roads and optimal channel network. In addition, participants have larger parcels, all parcels have access to the roads on both front sides, reserved spaces for general use (wind protection belts, landfills, industrial areas, roads, recreational areas, etc...) .

One of the important factors in the implementation of this project is to automate the process of implementation through the development of specialized software tools. Developed application module called PhotoSoft integrating the software tools which covered the entire process of implementation of these projects.

As a part of the introduction of new technologies in the implementation process of consolidation and the establishment and maintenance of web portals for each project consolidation. These portals are aimed at an objective and timely information to users and to facilitate the work of the Commission for consolidation. The most important part of the portal is the part that relates to the representation of spatial data that are generated during the consolidation, and that users can view on line, and these are primarily data plots of the old state, the data estimates the land value, the data of preliminary design of road and drainage network and Details of hope. Part of the data for the two projects is available at the following addresses :

In addition to the described software tools, specific technology makes the integration of digital photogrammetry technology in the process of consolidation. All projects are aerially recorded at the beginning of consolidation, which creates the basis for the use of photogrammetric materials throughout the long process of consolidation. During consolidation photo material is used for stereorestitution topography, 3D visualization, and for many other purposes. Integration of GIS, digital photogrammetry and GPS and specific technological solutions resulted in documented operating procedures that have become an integral part of the quality system MapSoft's.

On the other hand, as a result of the >survey renewal receives a digital spatial database of real estate and real estate rights holders, which basically contains all the elements to establish real estate subject to the cadastral municipality.