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Software for Open Data Platform for Rural Agriculture: software development

Software solution for UNDP project Development and Installation of Software for Open Data Platform for Rural Agriculture provides the mean for cataloging of available agricultural data over the web based platrform through the analysis of spatial representation over up-to-date GIS tools and provides collection of field data using mobile platform.

undp odpra 1

The aim of the project is to enable development of open software platform for agricultural data used by municipality services, associations of producers and the local user to allow adequate data collection, processing and analysis in order to achieve:

  • better cooperation between producers,
  • easier planning,
  • marketing and 
  • strength distribution channel.

Software solution is also dedicated to family farms and municipality services dealing with agriculture for sending messages over web application.

Solution is integrated by development of GIS, web and mobile application.


All components are integrated and work with single database. Solution architecture is such that enables simple and efficient maintenance, safe system administration and backup.

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