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GIS of Belgrade green areas

The aim of this projects is establishment of functional geoinformation system for management of public green areas at the territory of Belgrade through the initial acquisition of spatial data for green areas and protected natural resources maintained by Public company “Belgrade Greenery”, supply of software platform, application software development, system implementation and user training.

GIS of green areas enables:

  • recording of green areas and maintenance units,
  • changes tracking over maintenance units,
  • planning and tracking of annual plan realization,
  • realization control,
  • creation of proposal of annual works for green areas maintenance,
  • work of supervision and inspection,
  • recording and tracking of protected natural resources and
  • other general functionalities (administration, …)

Provided services: system analysis and user’s needs assessment, business functions and processes modelling, review and further development of a database for storing environmental information, establishing a Spatial Data Infrastructure in staging environment, implementing part of the data entry and management tools, spatial data migration and import, education and training of users for the currently developed function, system maintenance and support, etc.

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