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Air quality GIS of the city of Belgrade

The goal of the project "Development and implementation of Air Quality GIS of city of Belgrade" is to establish a sustainable geoinformation system as a central repository of available data on emissions and immission of pollutants. After the implementation of the project, Air Quality GIS has become part of the business system of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade, a tool for decision making related to air protection, as well as monitoring the implementation of the implemented measures and conditions.

The basic functionalities of Air Quality GIS are:

  • Providing functionality for collection and maintenance of air quality data;
  • Modeling of spread of pollutants in the air;
  • Generation of air quality maps
  • Analysis of existing and generated data




Based on available data or data collected by MapSoft experts, spatial data analysis was performed as follows:

  • Analysis of roads and streets with traffic loads;
  • Demographic data;
  • Chimneys of individual users;
  • Special buildings (hospitals, schools, preschool institutions)

After analyzing the available data, the production of the nitrogen dioxide model was carried out separately for the winter and summer periods. Distribution models for the territory of Master plan area with quality assessments were obtained in accordance with the results obtained for models in cities within the ESCAPE project (European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects). As a result of the development of the prediction model of nitrogen dioxide propagation, the raster of prediction data of the nitrogen dioxide concentration and the air quality index taking into account concentration of nitrogen dioxide were obtained. An example of nitrogen dioxide propagation for the period January - March 2015 is given at the following figure


raster predikcije

For the purposes of future models creation, but also for the needs of using and maintaining the data, software applications have been developed, a desktop GIS solution custmized and developed functionalities for generating a pollutant model for generating pollutants at the server level, generating maps and parametrized reports based on the generated model. A web GIS application (MapSoft geoportal) has been developed to display and analyze GIS data of air quality that allows access to data to numerous system users. The system is set up so that it can be expanded, and the developed software functionality is invariant from the current data.

kastomizacija desktop

Customization of existing desktop GIS software by creation of a number  of dedicated, developed tools for calculation of air quality


3D prikaz

User interface  - 3D overview in web GIS application

2D prikaz 

User interface  - 2D overview in web GIS application

At the server level, functionalities for generation of air quality maps for pollutants are implemented based on current, but also planned state of air quality (after potential intervention in the area).

postojece stanje predmeta
Current state of the active object, with report about air quality (estimation for NO2)


planirano stanje predmeta

Planned state of the active object, with report about air quality (estimation for NO2)