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Belgrade biotopes GIS

The "Define the criteria and the development of information systems for the evaluation of urban biotope for the planning area " is a logical and necessary extension of the " Mapping and evaluation of Belgrade biotope " .

The aim of the project was to define additional criteria and procedures which shall determine the value of space and evaluation of urban biotopes of the target, typological and spatial orientation, taking into account the aspect of preserving and improving the environmental quality of the city .

Within the project developed software part of the information system based on GIS principles and the spatial database of biotopes Belgrade. The system is provided efficiently and cost-effectively manage data on the biotopes in the city of Belgrade. Also, biotope GIS became part of the business systems of the Secretariat for the Environment, primarily as a source of information necessary for prescribing the conditions and measures for environmental protection in the planning of Belgrade.

Some of biotope GIS data are also available to other interested users, primarily institutions dealing with urban planning, nature conservation and / or protection of the environment in Belgrade, implementation of projects or scientific research operation. Part of the data is available through the public portal at: htps://gisbiotopa.beograd.gov.rs

For the purposes of this project MapSoft expanded eminent experts in the field of environmental protection to: prof. Jasminka Cvejić pejz.arh., MSc Anica Teofilović, dipl.inž.pejz.arh.,  Andreja Tutundžić , dipl.inž.pejz.arh.

GIS system of Belgrade biotopes architecturally relies on three platforms:

  • desktop GIS - CadCorp SIS;
  • web GIS server - CadCorp GeognoSIS,
  • database manager - Microsoft SQL server 2012

Later it was performed adjustment and adaption of selected platform components and developed additional functionalities to meet all the requirements of the projected business process system.

Desktop GIS environment with project specific extensions


Web portal

In addition to the development of the methodology and application development solutions, the installation and the detailed settings for the operation of all software components is done and also the preparation of a number of raster and vector data for use in the system.