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Environmental factors quality GIS

Contract with Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade...

By establishing GIS of quality of environmental factors, information infrastructure will be provided to automate the process of collecting basic data of quality of environmental factors, provide systematic data management in the central database, make data available to all relevant users and enable spatial-time data analysis.
Within the contract framework, MapSoft will, within one year from the date of signing the contract, for the needs of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade, import the existing data of the quality of environmental factors (air quality, surface water quality, groundwater quality, the level of noise in the environment, the level of soil contamination and the level of radioactivity in the environment), develop and implement a software solution and provide training. Development and implementation of software solutions include the delivery of licenses for GIS platform (desktop, server and WEB), development and implementation of application solution and integration of existing WEB GIS applications.

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