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LiDAR and aerial imaging of power lines

LiDAR and aerial imaging of Virpazar - Ulcinj power transmission line... 

For the need of new power line network design, at the beginning of October MapSoft performed LiDAR and aerial imaging of corridor Virpazar - Ulcinj (Montenegro), with overall length of 40 km and width of 600 m. By realization of this project, MapSoft once againg showed ability to perform project realization withuot landing at the territory of adjacent country. Beside that, this project especially showed the ability to fly in so called "contour flying" regime which was a challange considering height differences of 1100 m. 

As an output result, MapSoft has delivered digital orthophoto with resolution of 5 cm/pix and classified, colorized point cloud in LAS format, with more than designed 30 points / m2. 

putanja let

Flight realization 

profil terena

Longitudinal section of area of interest

 stub profila

Cross section, after point classification, with clearly visible power line pole 

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