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Orthophoto and LiDAR, Jadar basin

Finished realization of topographic maps for Rio Sava Exploration company... 

For the needs of designing infrastructure object that will follow geological research done by Rio Sava Exploration company at Jadar basin, from May till August 2017 MapSoft produced topographic maps for the area of 175 km2. Orthophoto is based on aerial imaging and terrain and surface model on LiDAR imaging. Production of digital terrain model was good opportunity to show advantages of combining LiDAR and photogrammetric method: output DTM has improved quality due to the manuel editing of the data collected by LiDAR scanning. 


DOF jadar2017

Digital orthophoto (World TIF, resolution 20 cm/pix)

DMT jadar2017

Digital terrain model (ASC and GeoTIF format, 1x1m + 5x5m)

DSM jadar2017

Point cloud (LAS format, blocks 1x1km, total number of clasiffied points cca 950.000.000) 

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